Event Space For Rent In Union Square

NEW YORK’S UNION SQUARE features some of the city’s most glamorous venues, as the UNION SQUARE district of New York City is home to some of the most prestigious event venues in the city. The NEW YORK market is very dynamic, and is home to a variety of large event organisers for rent.

An event venue is a short-term space that can opened for an afternoon, overnight, or several days or weeks and that can be rented for various business purposes. UNION SQUARE is a very popular event venue in NEW YORK. UNION SQUARE, like the rest of NEW YORK, has a very expensive lifestyle. In this spirit, renting an event space in UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK will be an expensive decision for many event organisers.

TARALLUCCI NE VINO brings the ease and casual elegance UNION SQUARE EVENT SPACES FOR RENT, which includes THE 3RD FLOOR LOFT, THE 4TH FLOOR LOFT, THE 5TH FLOOR LOFT, THE 6TH FLOOR LOFT, AND THE MEZZANINE. All have 10-150 seated area with 250 standing and approx. 2500 sq. ft. with beautiful exposed brick, views of UNION SQUARE, speakeasy setting, custom wooden table, courtyard view and many more.

Steal the scene and plan your life’s event in TARALLUCCI E VINO-UNION SQUARE. Our glamorous spaces are designed to showcase your signature style while capturing the unique spirit of NEW YORK. UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK, this area is also considered a popular wedding destination as it is home to the iconic Flatiron building and Central Park. UNION SQUARE’S flourishing scene is seen throughout the event space market. With over 60 establishments operating in UNION SQUARE, below are some of the most highlysought-after event venues in UNION SQUARE, NEW YORK.

Like the NEW YORK region as a whole, UNION SQUARE is one of the country’s most expensive cities. Most places charge rent. It could be about $35 per person, up to $250 for major events. When you are in search of an affordable UNION SQUARE event venue, you should consider affordable options. UNION SQUARE is regarded as a hotspot for celebrity wedding guests, especially those who have links to the entertainment industry. Location and accessibility UNION SQUARE is just 2 blocks away from the FINANCIAL DISTRICT, which is the hub of activity in NEW YORK CITY. Accessibility is also an asset with regard to localization.

UNION SQUARE provides you with:

We provide you with these services through specialist vendors who track down rentals and deliver them right to your venue. With a little planning now, your event will certainly be a stylish night that no one will ever forget. UNION SQUARE is an excellent choice for a big-ticket event.