Welcome to the newest addition to NEW YORK CITY’S loft rental for event scene: located in the heart of the city, the space provides you the experience of boast unbeatable view of BROOKLYN and MANHATTAN SKYLINE. Whether it is an artist’s loft in downtown or LOFT RENTALS FOR EVENTS IN NYC, lofts are in demand for artists, designers and other creative type. A loft is basically a “BIG ADAPTABLE OPEN SPACE OFTEN CONVERTED TO RESIDENTIAL USE”. The loft aims to combine the best combination of life and art, and by facilitating you different daily interactions, with beautiful light walls from a calm and controlled backdrop for the works of art, the ceiling is more hinged in the expression of this transition. By combining light and opaque, the ceiling creates a field of ambient and local lighting conditions, forming and organizing element in the exhibition and living space.

WE TARALLUCI E VINO EVENTS provides you with NYC loft rentals for events.

WE TARALLUCI E VINO EVENTS provides you NYC loft rentals for events.

THE 3RD FLOOR LOFT with 150 seated, 250 standing, 2500 sq. ft with elegant and exposed brickwork, BAY windows, union square views, exhibition kitchen at the cutting edge of technology, fully private dining room.

THE 4TH FLOOR LOFT with 100 seated, 175 standing, 2000 sq. ft with rustic barn doors, floor to ceiling windows, original tin ceiling and fully private dining room.

THE 5TH FLOOR LOFT with 100 seated 150 standing, 2000 sq. ft with classic eclectic style, antique chandelier and furniture with exposed brick wall that gave you an extraordinary experience for your basic or high class events and the oversized windows with courtyards views.

You can emphasize your LOFT RENTAL SPACE according to your occasional needs. You can emphasise your
LOFT RENTAL SPACE according to your occasional needs.

THE 6TH FLOOR LOFT with 60 seated, 100 standing, and 1200 sq. ft. with a beautiful courtyard view,
antique chandeliers, vintage mirrors, and fully private dining rooms are all provided for you under a single roof at NYC loft rentals.

You are able to use our NYC LOFT RENTALS FOR DIFFERENT EVENTS: Such events are for production use, like
planning a photo or video shoot with lots of camera equipment. Our large open lofts have lots of windows,
which provides you with natural light, which gives a beautiful extent to your photoshoot. Lofts are not only
used for production but also for different ceremonies like birthday parties, bridal and baby showers, pop-up dinner,
and so on. Business meetings and conferences are also held at the NYC LOFT RENTAL SPACE.